Tuesday, September 18, 2012

All About Ben

Baby Ben turned 1 on July 21…and the fact that I haven’t written anything about it is a testament to how busy life has been.

But this isn’t a post about juggling kids and work, workouts and my addiction to certain reality TV shows (including, but not limited to sports). It’s about Ben.

This happy, giggling, super-active baby boy (and his big brother Sam) is the reason for this blog; and though it’s easy to focus on life with kids, however many, and what weeks look like with them, this post is purely about my little/big guy who’s getting older every day. As a tribute to Ben, I’m simply writing out his wonderful traits:

-       happy
-       healthy
-       giggly
-       wiggly
-       loves his big brother
-       loves to eat
-       loves to play in the garden, picking his own tomatoes, and eventually he’ll figure out that the green ones don’t taste very good
-       loves picking his own strawberries and knows to get them when Sam is in the other part of the yard
-     loves eating apples off the tree...a couple of bites, anyway
-       loves throwing a ball
-       loves to dance, and can not sit still when he hears music of any kind
      - loves his blanket his Grandma Sally knitted him, and sometimes dives for it out of my arms and into his crib
-       loves playing with water in the bathroom sink
-       loves playing with the hose, pretending to help me water
-       is very proud of walking
-       likes to climb up on the chairs at the dinner table and pretend to eat like mom, dad and big brother Sam
-       is pretty darn tough, considering the wrestling that goes on
-       loves to say “uh oh”
-       loves to throw food on the ground from his high chair and then say “uh oh”
-       likes to use big, adult-sized spoons while eating yogurt and cottage cheese, instead of a baby spoon
-       loves to organize things, put things in, take things out, put things in, take things out
-       likes to try to blow the fluff off dandelions, like his brother Sam taught him (“pheuh”)
-       likes to smile at me, sleepily, in my arms when I hold him before he goes to bed, eyes at half-mast but smile at full grin

In my next post, hopefully sooner than months away, I may go back to writing about how I’ve resorted to 2-n-1 shampoo/conditioner for the pure time-savings of it, and maybe the adventures of getting into cyclocross racing and its efficient, family-friendly nature.

For now, Happy Belated Birthday, Ben.