Thursday, June 23, 2011

Full-Term Dude Onboard

As of today, I've got a full-term baby in there. I'm happy that I've made it to 37 weeks safely, and that it seems the baby within would be fine, should he (yes, he's a "he") choose to join us today or anytime soon.

For weeks, around the time I posted the last entry and for a time after that, I was really, really ready to get this baby out of my body. I looked forward to each Thursday, when another week would have passed and I'd be closer to having a full-term baby. I asked friends and friends-of-friends, with keen interest, about their babies who were born early. "How early was it? And how was the baby? Are they totally healthy now?" I was just ready to be on the other side of weight gain, discomfort and limited activity.

Funny, but my tune has changed.

I'm still ready to not be pregnant anymore, for the most part, but I'm more content in my current state than I've been.

For one, I've realized that once this baby boy comes out, things are going to be pretty nutty around here. I'll return to sleepless nights of feedings and baby-crying, caring for a newborn. (And part of me wonders if I'll remember how to do all that.) And this time, I have a three-year-old toddler in the house to care for, too.

And about that toddler, I worry about him and the transition to being a big brother. And I worry about not getting to spend the time with him that I love, playing at the pool (four to six weeks postpartum to get back into chlorine? Bummer!) and running around...though, granted, my running-around has been less-so in these last few months. I know I'll be tied to baby for a while, though I'm definitely going to do my best to dedicate some special time to my little Sam-buddy.

Another realization is that...I have a lot to get done before this baby is born! The room isn't nearly ready. I'm trying to get ahead in work. The more I get ahead, the less crazed I'll be once baby arrives.

Plus, I know how life works for me right now. Three days a week, Sam is at daycare and I am home working. I go to the outdoor pools by myself and swim or aqua jog. I pull weeds when I need a work break. I can run errands. I relax once in a while. On the days I have Sam at home, we go to the gym daycare for a bit, and I get a workout in. We go downtown and play in the squirty fountain. We go to the pool and swim and giggle and eat snacks in a lawn chair, wrapped in towels. We take naps. Ah, naps. I know what time he goes to bed, and I know what time he wakes up. We're in a family routine, for now.

I've always been nostalgic and apprehensive of change. And once the changes come (hello, Sam!), I'm ecstatic with the new addition to my life...and I know that will come.

I guess my point is, I'm just not in a hurry anymore. And with Sam being two weeks late, I suppose this labor thing could happen anytime from later today, until five weeks from now. We'll see. Oh, and labor...Can't say I'm looking forward to going through that again...But more on that later!

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