Sunday, January 24, 2010

Unpredictably Predictable

I've long had a commitment issue...with signing up for anything that happens once a week. What if I get an opportunity to go on a trip? What if there's a race I want to do? What if my free spirit just wants to roam (or, I have to work) at that time, on that day?

It's not that I'm over my need for adventure and spontaneity--not by a long shot. But something about being a mom has made me really look forward to things I know are going to happen once a week.

"The Bachelor," for instance. I'm partially kidding, but I do look forward to yelling at those girls on the TV every Monday night.

What I look forward to even more are the times I know I'm going to get out for a run or a workout during the week. I have certain days that are sure things (unless Sam is sick), where I go to the gym and he's happy in daycare for enough time for me to get in a workout, then we swim together in the pool. I look forward to that (and I think he does, too).

And, I used to be an end-of-day runner, but the end of most days are just less predictable lately. I now realize the value of the morning run, and I look forward to those days, too.

I'm also doing a beginner Pilates class, once a week. The little movements are hard for me, I think it's helping me stabilize my S.I. joint, my spine and my pelvis by giving me core strength, deep down. I think it'll help me get past this injury and back to the kind of running I want to do. I'm excited about that.

And then there's soccer morning with Sam, and volleyball night for me. Predictable.

In a time when so many other things are unpredictable and sometimes crazy (in a good way, but still), I've really come to appreciate these one-hour windows of activity throughout the week that I can count on.


  1. I hear ya, it's nice when you KNOW that a workout is schedule...that you have a nice window of time to swim (or sit in the hot tub, hmmm)...when I know it's coming it makes me feel a tad more orderly in this otherwise spontaneous life :-)

  2. Lisa--I'm a ridiculous creature of habit, so I appreciate what you're saying. Actually, I could probably benefit from a bit of unplanned time every once in a while!

  3. I'm planning on entering the La Jolla 5k in San Diego. I know you can't bring a stroller but do you know if you can wear your baby, like in the Ergobaby? Also what are other events that you can actually use a stroller in San Diego?